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Hagogohe businesses set to benefit as electricity project continues

By Anastasia Hagai

President Momis launches the rural electrification project back in January 2016.

In life there are many needs and wants that people tend to have either for leisure or improving their livelihood. One of the many needs in life is the access to electricity.

On the 28 January this year Pesident John Momis launched the rural electricity project at Poposoko Village, Hagogohe Constituency which was witnessed by the presence of Member for Hogogohe Robert Sawa and the local villagers.

Since the launch, the construction of the power lines by PNG Power workman has continued. In March, after two months of work, the powerlines had reached Lose Village in Hagogohe constituency.

They are very keen on the recent establishment of electricity within the constituency and it marks a new chapter in advancing the livelihood of the locals, enabling them to improve their small businesses to earn an income, as well the usage of electrical appliances to make household chores more flexible for families.

This is one step to extending and developing our province starting from the source, our villages, and in turn the whole of Autonomous region of Bougainville.

In February the people of Hagogohe were also able to celebrate the launch of a sealed road to their community, as part of the Buka ring road project.

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