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Cocoa trade set to benefit from Roreinang road improvements

By Gideon Davika


The road to Roreinang in the South Nasioi Constituency is under major construction for the first time in 24 years.

The Roreinang road was supposed to be upgraded long ago but local conflicts and governance issues meant that no work was carried out and road was in a very bad condition for many years.

Now the people in the area have seen the importance of road system and they have requested for the road to be upgraded.

A local company, Islands Design Construction, was awarded the contract to upgrade the road and the owner of the company, Tony Kumaisa, stated that the road take a few months to complete.

Kumaisa also said that about three kilometres was upgraded last year with more set to be completed, but due to lack of funding they stopped work.

The people of Roreinang will greatly benefit from the upgrade to their road and it is said that the area produces more cocoa than any other in Kieta District.

A local cocoa trader from Roreinang, Steven Yamaru said that when the road is completed it will be very easy to transport cocoa to the buyers in town. He also said that for years it took them hours to transport cocoa and sometimes his car breakdown because of the road condition.

Now that the road is under construction the locals are very happy and wait eagerly for its completion.

As soon as the road is completed business in the area will boom and people will benefit greatly from this infrastructural development.

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