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Bazaar brings Kurai community together

By Tevu Tenasi

717-grace-paul Ms Grace Paul, Kurai Women’s Association chairlady, addresses the crowd at the bazaar.

While everyone else was relaxing celebrating the Christmas and New Year festive season, the Kurai women in South Nasioi constituency were getting active.

Kurai Women’s Association comprises of 5 groups, Manuatavu, Eko, Kompani, Ponsinae and Osivotu.

It dawned on them the idea of earning a little cash to support their families, especially during the year ending festive season.

Through their chairlady, Miss Grace Paul, a mini-bazaar was the best suitable means of meeting their needs.

Held over two days the mini-bazaar brought the whole community together during the Christmas and New Year celebration.

The main highlights of the fundraiser were item sales at each stall including crafts, sewing and food, which kept the mothers busy, self-reliant and productive.

According to Ms Paul, the main aim of hosting such an important event was to enable mothers to earn funds to support their families during the festive season and also to cater children’s school fee needs.


The event also brought some of their political leaders together. Constituency leader Mr Simon Dasiona, ABG Central Women’s Representative Ms Marcelline Kokiai, Mr David Maliku and other local leaders all contributed through their presence at the event.

In her official opening speech Ms Kokiai said that Women are to be supported in the community because life begins with them. On the other hand she also encourage women to pursue education on much higher standards so that they help their communities.

Mr Dasiona mentioned that parents are entirely responsible for their children and not to rely heavily on government funding.

“Parents: utilise cash crops such as cocoa and copra to meet your basic needs; don’t wait for government funding all the time,” Mr Dasiona told the crowd.

A challenging speech by Mr David Maliku also brought attention to law and justice. He talked about problems arising from alcohol and other drugs like marijuana, which are affecting most communities in Bougainville.

The second and final day of the event was closed with traditional and contemporary dances and live musical performances.

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Kurai Primary celebrates its most successful year

By Tevu Tenasi


As the time came for all schools in Bougainville and Papua New Guinea to end their academic year, one little village school within South Nasioi Constituency celebrated an achievement in the relatively short history of the school.

Kurai Primary School was one of the new schools registered just after the Bougainville crisis, with the region seeing the need and importance of education for Bougainville’s future.

This school made history this year when one of its grade 8 scored the highest mark in the final examination, with the score of 126 out of 150 points. This ranked the school third in Kieta district and first within their constituency.


16 year old Ms Lisalyne Detoava was the one who turned over the new leaf in the school’s history. Her achievement brought happiness to the school and community, but most of all to her class teacher and her parents.

The official programme to wrap up the school year began with the marching of the graduates and invited guest speakers, followed by a flag raising ceremony.

In her closing remarks the head teacher at Kurai Primary, Mrs Claire Marko, mentioned that the school had ended the academic year well despite ups and downs faced so far.

Guest of honour and former Catholic Education Secretary, Mr John Narevo, mentioned that he was proud of that the school he helped register has done well so far.

In his speech Mr John Narevo also challenged the parents and citizen of Kurai to take ownership of the school.


“It is my challenge to you all that, if we are to see a change in Kurai, let us all make it our business to support our school,” Mr Narevo said.

“To the graduating students, especially those who will not be selected in grade 9,you are a recognised person by the education department through the attainment certificate you will receive today.

“By all means tap into the informal education sector and build from there, don’t be let down.”

School board Secretary and treasurer Mr Robert Novoita also challenged the passing students.

“It is a challenge to those of you who will be selected for a place in grade 9,” Mr Novoita told the sutdents.

“Be self-disciplined, of good moral conduct and strive with an aim.”


The final speech, from grade 8 class teacher Mrs Susan Tenasi, mentioned that she was more than happy with the achievement of the passing student.

“What we reap today was what we planted at the beginning of this years,” Mrs Tenasi said.

“I would like you all to continue with that good spirit so that you can contribute well to the future of Bougainville.”

The ceremony wound down with entertainments from traditional singsing groups.

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