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Foundation in Bangtangniang will address community issues

By Gideon Davika


The Bangtangniang community in South Nasioi has formed their own foundation which will undertake public projects to benefit area.

They have named their foundation the Bangtangniang Kanikani Foundation, which means ‘building Bangtangniang community’.

It is a well established and structured community foundation that the locals have formed to develop their community through their own contributions.

Their first project, which will be started this year, is a water project that will supply good drinking water to the Bangtangniang community and surrounding villages.

A plumber was hired last year and to survey the area where the water will come from and provided a quotation on all the tanks and pipes that will be used.

He said that the stream flows very fast, capable of filling a two litre container in just five seconds, and therefore has the right pressure to supply water to the community.

In 2015 the community will undertake fundraising to go towards the water supply. Last month each person in the community contributed twenty kilos of wet cocoa beans towards the project.

The wet beans were fermented and they made a total of ten bags of dry cocoa beans.

The president of the foundation, Sianu’ Toroaa, stated that the foundation has opened an account with the Bank of the South Pacific. He also said that the foundation has set K20,000 as the target for fundraising.

Once gathered the funds will kick-start the project and then the foundation will seek other donors to assist them to complete their project. If there is no assistance the community is willing to complete the water supply alone.

The committees within the foundation have requested their constituency member to assist the project.

If everything goes according to schedule the project will be completed by next year.

The foundation has also set in place some strict rules and regulations that the people must follow in order to develop a peaceful community.

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