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Peace building workshop sets sights on reconciliations

By Ishmael Palipal

627-peacebuilding-workshop-kieta Participants of the workshop in Tunuru during discussion session. Picture: Ben Kinah

A three day workshop was held at the Tunuru Parish near Arawa town to address the outstanding reconciliations in the Kieta District of Central Bougainville.

The workshop, which was aimed at the identification, planning and costing of outstanding reconciliation cases in the district, was facilitated by the Bougainville Peace Building Program (BPBP) team.

A total of 15 people participated in the workshop with representation from the respective Councils of Elders (COE), ex-combatants, women’s representatives, youth leaders and also representative from the Wakunai district.

Board members for Kominiti Empowerment Development Services (KEDs) and representatives from North Nasioi, South Nasioi, Kokoda, Kongara 1 and 2 CoEs were all present at the workshop.

The workshop covered the very important agendas on appointment of Kieta District Peace and Security Committee (DPSC), which is comprised of the Kieta stakeholders, and an elected Secretariat, which includes a chairperson, vice chairperson, the secretary, assistant secretary and the treasurer.

John Donna, formerly chairman of KEDs, has been elected as the Chairman of the Kieta DPSC and the Vice Chairperson elected is the women’s representative from South Nasioi, Ismenia Ketsin. Ms Ketsin was also recently appointed as the alternative women’s board representative from Central Bougainville at the Bougainville Education Board in Buka and was an adept participant of the recent Joint Statement presentation workshop.


627-peacebuilding-workshop-donna From left to right are Mr Paul Matera, Mr John Donna and Ms Pauline Manau during the workshop at Tunuru. Picture: Ben Kinah

Meanwhile, the participants of the workshop commented that with the BPBP Team enriched them with learning on the practical application of the good governance and leadership strategies, the appointment of the 15 Member Kieta DPSC and the election of the DPSC Secretariat.

The lessons learnt at the workshop will be applicable in strengthening governance and leadership to address the issues of reconciliation in Kieta District, Central Bougainville and throughout the region as a whole.

Through such occasions, new networks and linkages are established and strengthened within targeted community groups with facilitation from organisations such as the Bougainville Peace Building Program.

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