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New Kieta District office nurtures good governance

By Ishmael Palipal

Kieta District Office staff and Manageress Lucy Travertz (centre, in yellow)

The Kieta District Office complex was opened December 2014 to foster good governance and management in the region

Ms Lucy Travertz, the manager at the office, acknowledged and thanked the member for Central Bougainville, landowners, chiefs and all other stakeholders who have worked to see this project come this far.

She stated that good governance must be achieved throughout the region as required under the Bougainville Peace Agreement before there can be a referendum on autonomy and independence.

Her team at the district office is looking forward to achieving that at the new location which signifies new fresh start for the Kieta district as a whole. She is confident that her staff will nurture and build good governance to continue to moving the district forward.

The office is located at the former Toniva town in the Kieta district and three-quarters of the funding came from the national government, facilitated by the member for Central Bougainville.

It was another achievement for the people of Kieta in Central Bougainville.

According to Ms Lucy Travertz, the new Kieta District office complex was completed, after 12 years of struggle, with the collective efforts of those who were involved. She feels that now they can settle down in their very own house which will help fulfill the district administration’s vision of a peaceful and secure middle income district by 2017.

In recent years the district office management and staff were housed in Arawa town in the rate complex house owned by former member for Kokoda constituency, Rodney Osioco.

“It finally happened following a long wait after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with six major Clans, Councils of Elders and the administration in 2008,” said Ms Lucy Travertz.

She urged the people to look after the infrastructure and work together with the leaders to see more developments happen in the Toniva area.

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