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Arawa Secondary suspends classes to mourn the loss of teacher

By Benjamin Heriberth Noibio


One of the best teachers ever seen at Arawa Secondary School, Mr Chanel Tavai, sadly passed away on Friday 6 May, after preparations for a family birthday.

Mr Tavai, from Sovele-Nagovis, South Bougainville, was well regarded as a hard-working man and he also owned vehicles which people hired, especially during elections to transport such things as ballot boxes.

Before his passing Mr Tavai was taking social science for lower secondary and other social science subjects for upper secondary.

A sudden sharp chest pain 3am alerted him to the onset of a heart attack. He was rushed to the Arawa Health Centre but tragically passed away before he could receive any treatment.

On Tuesday 10 May all the staff members including student representatives loaded four vehicles and went to Nagovis for Mr Tavai’s funeral.

Mr Talasi said that the school suspended classes as a mark respect of their departed colleague. The teachers and the students will miss him so much and it is a very sad incident.

“We were so sad to lose him,” said Mr Talasi, “he is one of the best teachers in our school.

Currently Mr Lasua, the principal, is looking for two teachers because the wife of late Tavai went home with the body and she might rest for a year before joining the team. His students will still remember him in their life time. The hand mark left behind will enable everyone to treasure him in their hearts.


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Arawa Health Centre receives donation from Australia

By Tevu Tenasi


As Bougainville continues to rebuild, the Arawa District Health Centre has been fortunate to receive a donation from a Rotary group from Brisbane, Australia.

The delivery included children’s toys and dolls, hospital beds, bed sheets, pillow cases and first aid kits.

792-arawa-health-centreThe donation from Brisbane was arranged by an Australian friend, Mr John Davidson, and reached the shores of Bougainville. During his follow-up visit to Arawa at the start of May he was warmly welcomed by the Health Centre staff.

While Speaking to a group of staff Mr Davidson stated that all the new additions Centre’s itinerary came with the support of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and the Bougainville community in Brisbane.

He said that getting all the items together and bringing them to Bougainville a challenging task but was made easier with the help of Rotary.

792-davidson-vilosiSenior Medical Officer, Dr Joe Vilosi, gratefully thanked Mr John Davidson for his effective arrangement skills.

Dr Vilosi further stated that there is a need to identify what the hospital really needs.

He also thanked the Sunshine Coast Hospital in Australia for the donation.

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Midwifes celebrated in Arawa

By Tevu Tenasi


Arawa celebrated International Day of the Midwife for the first time ever with a marching rally, led by Sr Elizabeth Mundri and Sr Genevieve Anisia and their midwifery colleagues.

The International Day of the Midwife (IDM) is celebrated by over 90 countries and occurs annually on 5 of May to recognise the vital role and responsibilities of midwifes.

The theme of IDM 2016 was “Women and Newborns: The Heart of Midwifery” and the midwives shared this event with the surrounding communities to emphasise their role in ensuring newborns receive the quality care they deserve. Every women and newborn deserves to have timely access to the best possible care before and after pregnancy and childbirth.

804-arawa-midwifesThe occasion stated off at the Arawa Health Centre with a marching procession of midwifes, Arawa Health Centre staff and teachers and students from the Arawa School of Nursing, led by a SDA Marching group under the escort of a police vehicle.

The parade which included about 100 participants ended in Arawa main market.

Keynote speaker and Principal of Arawa School off Nursing Sr Celyne Tusala delivered a powerful speech to all who were gathered.

She addressed issues surrounding women’s health, one being teenage pregnancy and maternal death.

“While a good number of women deliver in the healthcare facilities,” Sr Tusala said, “a handful are still unaccounted for or deliver in the village, increasing the risk of maternal death”

On the same note, the Acting Director Nursing Services in Arawa Hospital Mr Iggy Giranah further stressed that mothers are to take antenatal clinic visits seriously. This is first point of entry where midwifes check pregnant mothers and high risk mothers are identified.

“Mothers you are require four antenatal checks, with all the necessary tests done, for you to be identified as a booked mother,” Mr Giranah stated.

By attending regular antenatal visits, complications can be identified earlier and maternal death is also minimised.

Mr Melchior Dare, former Autonomous Bougainville Government Minister and paediatric nurse by profession, stated that one of the challenges to the health service delivery is the aging workforce.

“Aging in our health workforce today is crippling service delivery,” Mr Dare mentioned.

He called upon political leaders to support our two currently existing schools of nursing within the region.

The event wound down with acknowledgment of remarks to the sponsors of this event, NGIP Agmark, Forwarding & Shipping Services in Bougainville, Jayberth Stationaries, RAD Pharmacy, Land Link and Last Chance Hire Cars.

The day ended with light refreshments at the Moanava Clinic within the Arawa Health Centre.

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Street vendors unhappy with law enforcement

By Leonard Fong Roka


A group of women at the Bendaun Market at Section 17-18 suburb of Arawa Town have complained that they are not allowed to sell around the town.

The women believe they should be allowed to sell their produce anywhere in Arawa in order to earn a living and that there are greater law and order issues that should be pursued.

“The police’s task is to help with the bigger law and order problem on Bougainville,” the Kongara-Pokpok Island woman said, as she sat brushing flies away from her smoked fish.

“They are not here to chase our poor women around Arawa that are trying to make a living by selling their goods.

“We mothers are not the ones littering the township as they have said; we are not the ones drinking alcohol and howling like while dogs during the nights.

“Police should chase the boozing populace that roam free and lock them in the jail and do not suppress our right to earn a living.”

To the women vendors the Arawa Urban Council is the culprit that is pushing the police to chase them from vending everywhere in town.

“We run after customers everywhere in town,” said the other woman, a Panguna lady who resides in Arawa with her businessman husband.

“We set up our tables anywhere in response to the movement of customers. That is how I make a living to add onto what my husband makes from our business.”

“We have power bills to pay for, school fees for our children and I have heard that soon the urban council will be charging us for water usage.”

“We are not only talking about women from Kieta or Panguna alone. Arawa is Bougainville’s town and we have women from Nagovis, Siwai, Buin and many other parts of Bougainville that the police are chasing around.”

Late in November, a police patrol running after women vendors in the business centre of Arawa was confronted by a band angry women who told to the police that they were the mothers of Arawa and who will not be uproot them.

According to the Bendaun Market women, if they continue to be chased away from their business they will march to the offices of the two government bodies and demand compensation.

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Arawa hospital raises standards with tablet technology

By Tevu Tenasi


It has been three months since a visitation at Arawa Hospital by National Department of Health representatives who offered a new approach in monthly reports.

In September the Arawa Hospital staff were grateful to be among the selected provinces in Papua New Guinea included in a pilot program that involves usage of modern technology to fast track health facility monthly reports.

693-arawa-tabletThe usage of tablet or phone to enter all monthly data at the end of every month is now another milestone achieved.

The tablet has an installed application that allows sectional heads to enter data in each respective section, much the same as what is in the National Health Information Sheet (NHIS).

A NHIS is a standard form filled by every health facility at the end of every month and then sent to Provincial Information Officer or directly to Health Department in Port Moresby.

The tablet has all other application locked preventing users from misuse with an anti-theft programme installed which makes it easier to track if it is stolen.


Acting Director Nursing Services in Arawa Hospital Mr Iggy Shirau Giranah stated that with the Sectional Heads being trained, Arawa Hospital has moved another step further.

“Please ensure that all monthly reports be entered into the tablet by the first week of every month,” Mr Iggy Giranah said.

District Health Officer incharge, Mr Peter Arwin, also encouraged the usage of manual reporting forms to be completed on time.

“We are so privileged to have such a useful tool especially with facility level on this transitional phase to become a referral hospital,” Mr Arwin said.

“To my staff: Please get to know how to use this tool because it will be helpful.”

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A leader of peace – Pastor Movo passes away

By Ishmael Palipal

Pastor Steven speaking at the funeral in Kaabaku.

Pastor Steven speaking at the funeral in Kaabaku.

On Sunday 29th November, the late Pastor Uzzaiah Movo, a significant Bougainvillean leader was laid to rest in Arawa, Central Bougainville.

As a church leader before and after the Bougainville war, he was a role model and important figure in the development of Bougainville. He was part of the Bougainville peace building and government process in the region.

According to Pastor Francis Munau, it was Pastor Movo who dedicated the constitution as a Christian region into God’s hands during the dedication of the Bougainville Constitution.

Late Pastor Movo was also a council member in the Arawa Urban Council committee. He had many good influences in many people’s live in Bougainville and Papua New Guinea as a church leader and a community leader.

As stated by Pastor Steven Manganai, during his funeral service Sunday in Arawa, death is natural as birth and God has already pre-destined us in his eternal plan.

Pastor Mangani continued to say that the body is created by God to carry the spirit of life and when his purpose is done on earth, God takes back his spirit out of the body.

After the service, the body of this Bougainville prominent leader was laid to rest at a cemetery in Kaabaku area, some distance up from Arawa town in Central Bougainville.

I wish to extend my personal condolences to the departing leader’s immediate family in Arawa.

May his wonderful soul rest in eternal peace.

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Arawa private school celebrates 2015 with closing ceremony

688-pips-studentsBy Eleanor Maineke

Pakas Independent Primary School (PIPS), one of the pioneer private primary schools in Arawa town, held its closing ceremony on Tuesday 1 December

PIPS, which for students from Prep to Grade 6, is now in its 9th year of operation and the school facilities are located at Section 18 of Arawa Town.

Standard Officer of Central Bougainville Mrs. Sarea, took the opportunity to address the gathered crowd and told them that education begins at the moment of conception.

688-mrs-sareaMrs. Sarea also acknowledged the work done by the Board of Management, the Principle Mrs. Angela Ben and staff at the School in building up a good, holistic foundation for the students.

Theonila Matbob Roka, who also spoke at the closing ceremony, encouraged the students to set their goals in life while at this level of education. She also stated that the success of a child depends on both the parents and the citizens at the family level.

688-emmanuel-toreBougainville is a region which is in the critical journey towards achieving its goal of self-determination and we need more human resources to uphold the goal of this region.

Emmanuel Tore an outgoing Grade 6 student from Pakas gave a testimonial speech during the closing ceremony on behalf of his other classmates. Emmanuel transferred to PIP last year and he said it was challenging to catch up with the other students, but he encouraged himself to work hard.

Present at the event were the parents and citizens of the school, the past students of the school and the other invited guests.

The Closing ceremony was held at the Marimari Hauslotu in Arawa and ended with the lighting of candles activity by the students of Pakas Independent Primary School which was exotic bringing the spirit of Christmas alive on this festive season.

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Town Council improves water and sewerage sanitation in Arawa

By Gideon Davika


The Arawa Urban Town Council is improving the water and sewage sanitation in all the sections of Arawa Town after many years of life with water leaks and the sewerage back-flows and overflows.

According to council management, the improvement of the water and sewerage in the town is part of their five year plan which will fulfill their goals for 2012 to 2016.

The Autonomous Bougainville Government has also given its significant support by purchasing reconstruction materials for the depot and the water and sewerage materials, as well the equipment.

The plumbers and the groundsmen have done a done amazing job working tirelessly to ensure that work has been carried out.

They are continuously cleaning the pump stations to maintain a proper sewerage system in town.

The water supply is also maintained daily and machinery, such as wheel excavators, is hired to dig up broken water pipes.

Environment Health Officer, Patrick Tsikata, said he has been completing a situational health report on the water and sewerage and has presented several reports to the town council.

He said that as Environmental Health Officer he will continue to address issues and important heath related matters in town in the years coming.

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Development increases need for accommodation in Arawa

By Gideon Davika


The number of guest houses and lodges in Arawa town is increasing due to the development that is taking place throughout the region, especially in South and Central Bougainville.

Last year some well-established guesthouses and lodges were built within the town area and on the outskirts of the town.

One of the local businessmen in Arawa town, Mr Philip Pinaung, said that demand is very high and the number of guest houses is not enough to cater for the number of visitors coming into the town.

Pinaung, who owns Arevai Guest House, also said that the demand for guesthouses has been stimulated with the re-opening of the Aropa Airport last year.

There are many people touching down at the Airport, especially tourists, who are coming into the province and need to find a place to stay.

Local guesthouse owners say that most of their regular customers are government public servants, who travel within the province from Buka to Arawa, Siwai, Buin, and those who come from the National government to hold special meetings with the Autonomous Bougainville Government in Arawa.

The Arawa Town Council is advising businessmen and women who wish to establish guesthouses to find a suitable location that is away from the residential and commercial areas, where guests will enjoy privacy and comfort.

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Pacific Partnership delivers training and healthcare to Arawa

By Wallace Tevu Tenasi


The people of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville had the privilege of receiving some of the best quality health care services available with the visit of the United States Navy Ship Mercy (T-AH 19).

USNS Mercy is a U.S. Navy floating hospital which visited the evergreen island of Bougainville to provide free healthcare services to its people as part of the Pacific Partnership program.

Mercy is a converted San Clemente-super tanker with a length of 894 feet, a105 foot beam and can carry up to 1,214 medical personnel at full operation status, though currently carries considerably less in its Reduced Operating Status.

It can provide full hospital capabilities and services including surgery, radiology, optometry, dermatology, physical therapy, dialysis, a pharmacy, a blood bank and dentistry.

It was the second port in the Pacific region the crew visited in 2015 after going to Fiji earlier this year.

From 29 June until 3 July this year the little Square within Arawa District Hospital became packed with people seeking medical help from the medical personnel who arrived in Bougainville aboard the Mercy.


Medical doctors, nurses, midwives and other professionals were a big help to the people.

Services provided included eye care, dental, surgical, pharmacy and also mechanics who fixed up faulty hospital machinery.

All surgical patients were taken on-board Mercy for operations.

With just a few days to cover, more than 10,000 people in need of medical help were seen during this one week visit.

The people of Bougainville are very appreciative of the free healthcare provided by the Mercy team.618-mercy-kieta-harbor

A relative of a 45 year old female who lived with goitre for nearly 15 years was overjoyed seeing their mother back from the Naval Hospital Operating Theatre with the goitre finally removed.

“Thank you very much US Medical Team for helping our mom get rid of the goitre,” she said.

“You did so much through these few days.”

The Arawa Hospital staff had the chance to attend in-house training to boost their work performance.

Assistance was also given by the Health Centre staff and a few from Buka General Hospital.

Mr Iggy Shirau Giranah, the Acting Matron in Arawa Hospital, expressed his gratitude for the visit of the Mercy team.

“I am pleased that my staff had the chance of acquiring skill that could have cost them much, thank you very much US Naval Team,” Mr Giranah said.

The week ended with a tour of the Mercy for the Arawa District Hospital staff.

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