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Solar power revolutionises village life in Kaitu

By Benjamin Heribeths


The introduction of solar panels has changed the lives of the people of Kaitu village in the Buin District of South Bougainville.

Since the end of the Bougainville crisis, Kaitu, a village in the Upper Konnou area of Buin, was dependant on small generators for power.

There are no stores or service stations nearby and the Kaitu people travelled to Buin town to look for petrol to power their generators, would incurring a great cost looking for vehicle or spending many hours walking.

They would walk over four kilometres from their small village to the main road to look for a vehicle and at night they would walk all the way back to their villages hauling their goods, particularly difficult for women, children and the elderly.

The small community started purchasing solar panels for their villages as an alternative source of power.

They are using the panels in many different ways, such as to charge their cellular phones for communication and to power florescent tubes for lighting.

“Families in the community are benefiting in many different ways,” said Moses Nukaia, a Kaitu local.

Mr Nukaia stated that the people are now spending less money because they are using sunlight for power.

Their next target is to purchase invertors so that they can use freezers in their houses.

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Hagogohe businesses set to benefit as electricity project continues

By Anastasia Hagai

President Momis launches the rural electrification project back in January 2016.

In life there are many needs and wants that people tend to have either for leisure or improving their livelihood. One of the many needs in life is the access to electricity.

On the 28 January this year Pesident John Momis launched the rural electricity project at Poposoko Village, Hagogohe Constituency which was witnessed by the presence of Member for Hogogohe Robert Sawa and the local villagers.

Since the launch, the construction of the power lines by PNG Power workman has continued. In March, after two months of work, the powerlines had reached Lose Village in Hagogohe constituency.

They are very keen on the recent establishment of electricity within the constituency and it marks a new chapter in advancing the livelihood of the locals, enabling them to improve their small businesses to earn an income, as well the usage of electrical appliances to make household chores more flexible for families.

This is one step to extending and developing our province starting from the source, our villages, and in turn the whole of Autonomous region of Bougainville.

In February the people of Hagogohe were also able to celebrate the launch of a sealed road to their community, as part of the Buka ring road project.

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New hydro power project for North Bougainville

By Benjamin Heriberth Noibio


Negotiations completed over the past weeks will see the construction of a hydroelectric power project for the northern tip of Bougainville.

The ground breaking ceremony was expected to take place in mid-March and then construction will start at the supply centre near Ramazon Bridge.

Chairman Dyson of Tearoki is a full-time negotiator and he is ensuring that preparations are under way and everything falls in line soon. Dyson has got a trade store in Bougainville Technical College; to make things happen quickly he uses his Toyota Land cruiser. He goes to Buka town frequently arranging things to start this month.

The supply centre of the hydro power will also be the residential. Only the Electricians and other staff will be residing in the supply centre and the buildings will be erected after the ground breaking ceremony.

The hydro power station will be constructed some meters up from the Ramazon Bridge, though the supply centre is located near the main highway.

“An Indian company has won the tender for constructing the hydro power, however other partnership companies will help out,” said Simon, one of the spokesmen.

“We are glad that we will at least have lights in our houses, we are sick and tired of small generators,” he continued with a smile, “power cables will cross the Buka passage and go all the way to Buka.”

Engineers of Ramazon Aggregate Company have been working on their machines to help out in the clearance of the supply site and the residential site. Ramazon River will be propelling power to all parts of north Bougainville.

The New Zealand government is funding the project and it is expected to benefit the entire northern region of Bougainville, including Wakunai, Tinputz, Buka and the west coast.

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Community cautious as PNG Power returns to Buin

By Leonard Fong Roka


PNG Power has returned to Buin Town after nearly a year of absence due to mechanical failure of generators on the outskirts of town.

Many residents are holding their applause for the return of the state-owned power supplier, which has been inconsistent and problematic all over Bougainville.

“When PNG Power first came to Buin in 2014 we were happy,” a town resident claims.

“Electricity was back and all our activities that rely on electricity would run forever without setbacks.

“But this was a lie. It began a nightmare to us ordinary people, the business community here and the schools also.”

Continuous electricity blackouts made life difficult for the businessmen and women.

Mr Clement Dareoi from Kieta, who owns and operates the retail outlet Clementine Limited, said that since the last weeks of June when PNG Power revived its electric generators there have been around 4 blackouts.

“I began operating my retail outlet while the Bougainville Crisis was still on,” Mr Dareoi said.

“In those days I had no things like refrigerators, but when PNG Power excited me I went to get some freezers for soft drinks and so on.”

Clement Dareoi believes Bougainvilleans should not rely on governments and he is now looking at renewable energy, such as solar and wind, to power his freezers in the future.

Many people in Kieta produce their own electricity with mini hydro-generators to consistently power their homes and businesses.

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