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K9.7 million readied for Buka water project

By Ishmael Palipal

Buka Town pictured from New Dawn FM Drone. Buka Town pictured from New Dawn FM Drone.

Situated on an Island mostly made of lime stone, Buka town has the major water problem. Since there are no running rivers to supply water from, the water is a very important service for the people of Buka Town and the near areas of Kokopau and Sohano Island and rainwater is what many people rely on in this part of Bougainville.

The Secretary of Technical Services, Bernard Tzilu, revealed that K9.7 million had now been made available for the Buka Town Water and Sanitation project while speaking at the swearing in ceremony early January.

He pledged to work closely with the new Buka Town manager, Mr Eddie Kenai, to bring more change in the town. He revealed that this is the first job that will take place with Mr Kenai as town manager.

Buka town with rain

Mr Kenai also spoke at the ceremony swore to move Buka Town forward. He said he was happy to be the new town manager and looks forward to working with professionals to see change take place in Buka town.

Buka serves as the important center Bougainville and water and sanitation is the very important high impact project that will change the face of the town.

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The scrap metal salvage business

By Leonard Fong Roka


Driving through the areas related to the old mining operations, such as Panguna and Loloho Port, there are hardly any structures left from the massive workshops, crushers, plants and old material storage areas.

All that now remains is a few brick walls, rusting irons, concrete drainage systems and the vast gravel and rock surface area of Panguna.

All these tons of Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) property went overseas as scrap metal to the benefit of the Panguna people and a few former Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) elites around Kieta.

Small scale scrap metal business came to Bougainville around 1995, but from 2005 it erupted in to a big industry.

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Aquaculture on the rise in Bana

By Joel Tauko


Interest in aquaculture is growing very quickly in the Bana District (Nagovis) as more people see its potential as a source of income and food for their families

Despite the sudden interest in constructed ponds and aquaculture there is a lack of training and proper management, especially compared with other fish farming systems.

“There are several factors hampering production in Bana,” said Junior Pini, a small scale fish farmer.

“Limited capacity to construct good ponds, lack of management skills, inadequate supply of fingerlings (juvenile fish) and a general lack of knowledge in aquaculture husbandry are all issues.”

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