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Voter enrolment for ABG Election still open

462-abg-election-2015By Winterford Toreas

 The Bougainville Electoral Commission (BEC) wants all eligible voters for this year’s Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) General Election to exercise their right to vote for representatives in the third ABG Parliament.

In order for this to be achieved the BEC will ensure that a thorough update of the Common Roll is carried out, so that many eligible voters will be registered.

According to the Acting Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, Mr George Manu, enrolment will remain open until a writ for the election is issued.

“Enrolment is still open for eligible voters to get registered,” Mr Manu said, “and enrolment will only close when the writ for the 2015 ABG General Election is issued by ABG Speaker, Andrew Miriki.”

The Acting Commissioner will soon be travelling to Port Moresby to get the Enrolment Forms from the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission.

These forms will then be given to the Councils of Elders throughout Bougainville to conduct enrolments in their constituencies.

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Women behind the peace

By Ancitha Semoso


Many individuals and groups have contributed and continue to play an active role in local peace initiatives and negotiations on Bougainville.

Sr. Lorraine Garasu Soli is well known to be one of the Bougainvillean leaders behind peace in the autonomous region.

She hails from a village family at the northernmost part of Bougainville named Lonahan Village which is one of the communities within the Tsitalator Constituency.

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Tradition Today: Bride price and the complexity of marriage

By Ishmael Palipal163-bougainville-leonard-roka

The concept of a bride price is complex on Bougainville, as matrilineal and patrilineal customs exist in different regions.

Traditionally in north Bougainville a bride price was paid with shell money and food, though today the transaction is done in kina. The highest amount would usually not exceed K500 but, if the person paying wishes to increase the amount, it is in his own hands.

The bride’s family is not allowed to charge more than K500 because of a local level Government marriage law, however most marriages have no bride price.

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