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Bougainville students in POM farewell 2015 Graduates

By Benjamin Heriberth Noibio


Fabian Epota, President of Bougainville students at Pacific Adventist University (PAU), has committed himself to organise a program to farewell 2015 graduates.

He met with the Bougainville students, both day students and boarders, to talk about the upcoming programs. He said that most of the students from AROB are final year students and they should farewell them before they leave the institution for good.

The students met on Wednesday 7 October during the reserve period, where Mr Epota acknowledged the attendees and carried on with his speech.

Students, both final year and continuing, contributed with their views on the year end program.

“We have been working hand in hand with these graduating students and we should let them go with a smiling face,” Mr Epota said.

“They are the ones who will drive Bougainville forward in the years to come.”

651-pau-bougainvilleThis will be the first event of its kind and the meeting, under the leadership of Epota, has enlightened the path of the coming and the continuing students at PAU.

Bougainvillean students have at PAU never done this before; previous students said that most of the year end programs were being done by the graduates themselves. This time it is the opposite, with the yearend program will be done by both continuing and the prospective graduates of the year.

More than eight AROB students will be graduating at the end of the year; these graduating students are from different faculties including business, health science and others. The graduation day will be a day of happiness and sorrow especially for Bougainville students who came this far.

The President also said that the continuing students must see themselves as leaders for tomorrow and a new president must be appointed. The new president must come out clear and start working with the current president before the handover takeover of the leadership is ready either at the end of the year of in the beginning of 2016.

There suggestions already arising that Jonathan Bataru from Manetai, will take the leadership from Mr Epota.

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 The Sasala Hihikuma Festival

By Anastasia Hagai


The Sasala hihi kuma is an annual festival that normally takes place around early December within the Hagogohe Constituency in the North Bougainville region.

The festival sees a number of groups all over Buka Island, but largely from the Hagogohe Constituency,   come  together to showcase a variety of dances, dramas and songs.

Performers (singsing groups) come from neighboring constituencies within North Bougainville such as Sing and Salasa.

The festival is made up of a combination of performances which are categorized into the Solomon dance, putput, string band, contemporary dances, kaur and the famous bamboo band. Performances are made by males and females of all age groups.

One group of local boys from a nearby village recently performed a boys Solomon dance titled kikilu (pictured). This song tells the story of the hunting pattern of an eagle and was depicted by this local group through their traditional attire and dance moves.

The festival is an annual attraction and gathers the locals as well as visitors from other provinces on vacation. It is a means in which visitors experience a glimpse of our culture and traditions as well as for us Bougainvilleans to preserve it, as our culture and tradition defines who we are.

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Fun run comes to Arawa

By Ishmael Palipal

Participants of the Trukai Fun Run in Arawa, Central Bougainville. Picture Jacob Ienu

Over 1000 residents of Arawa have participated in the Trukai Fun Run, as the event came to the town for the first time since 1989.

The Fun Run is a national event in Papua New Guinea towns and was held in Arawa on Sunday 12 July.

Each year major sponsors donate t-shirts, which are then sold to raise funds for projects.

More than 1,000 town residents  purchased t-Shirts for K10 at leading business house in town STI Trading to take part to take part in the event. STI Trading is owned by local man Mr Steven Ipueng, who is one of the Trukai agents in Bougainville.

In the early hours of the day Independence Oval was crowded with school children, parents, elders, public servants and interested town residents warming-up and stretching before taking off at 6am.

Guest runners from the US Navy Engineering team with the locals after the Fun run. Picture Jacob Ienu

Among the local runners were guest runners from visiting US Navy engineering team who were in Arawa to help build a hall at Tupukas Primary School and a classroom at Piruana Primary School.

Those participated reported that it was a fun filled morning for all. The fun run started at Independence Oval and around the town and finished off at STI Trading Supermarket where staff prepared a barbeque for hungry runners.

Speaking to the participants, Mr Ipiung promised that next year’s event will be even bigger and more successful with inclusion of school children.

He thanked Trukai Industry for giving the opportunity to the people of Bougainville especially Arawa town which has missed out on past fun runs because of the decade long conflict.

“This is a historic occasion for us in Bougainville especially us in Arawa because this nationwide event has been revived today and with this year’s successful turnout we’re looking at a very successful event for next year and other coming years,” Mr Ipiung told the participants.

Mr Steven Ipueng addressing the participants in front of his supermarket in Arawa. Picture Jacob Ienu
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