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Land Cruisers the only option for treacherous roads

By Benjamin Heriberth Noibio

648-land-cruiser-lourabo-river Land Cruiser near the Lourabo River, Central Bougainville. Picture by Benjamin Heriberth Noibio.

The main road from Kokopau town in Bougainville’s north to Buin town in the south is quite bumpy and this hinders vehicles apart from the Land Cruisers that are engaged to make the journey.

The demand for other vehicles is quite low compared to Land Cruisers on the region. All the business houses in Arawa and Kokopau own Land cruisers for that reason and the number on the roads has increased.

School students from all over Bougainville never travel by bus during holidays and more than 90 percent of the students living on the mainland of Bougainville travel by land cruisers to their various places, returning when the holidays are over.

Passengers especially from Buin and Siwai need these type of vehicles due to the fact that the areas have a lot of rivers, mountains and the road is slippery most of the time.

The Leuro Range is the most treacherous leg of the trip to Buin town. It is very difficult terrain to navigate, especially for PMV buses.  Only Land Cruisers are trusted to complete the without encountering problems or causing accidents.

During the visit of Prime Minister Peter O’Neil, the people of Buin and Siwai were more than happy to hear that infrastructure, mainly road sealing, was mentioned during his speech.

When the road upgrade is completed, services and vital goods will be transported safely using vehicles other than Land Cruisers.

Drivers and passengers currently trust Land Cruisers as the only vehicle that is eligible to go anywhere despite the difficulties of the environment in the area. The situation is triggering more and more land cruisers on the region with more confident drivers.

It is the only trusted vehicle in Buin and its number will surely be increase in the years to come.

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Demand for transportation rises in Konnou

By Benjamin Heriberth Noibio


Konnou is the largest constituency in Buin, South Bougainville, covering areas from the mountains of Wisai and Pogisago to the coast of Muisuru.

In this vast area there is a great demand for PMV services to transport market goods to the nearby Buin Town.

Before the Bougainville Crisis there were adequate PMV vehicles to cope with the local transport needs, but today there is a growing demand for transportation of home gown goods such as the cash crops cocoa and copra.

600-kakatano-pmvThose living in the mountain villages, Wisai and Pogisago-Upper Konnou, and the ones living on the coast-lower Konnou, suffer the most; while those ones living in the middle were fortunate to access vehicles along the Buin-Buka Highway. The Upper and Lower Konnou people have to walk to the main road to board vehicles when they want to go to town.

People living in places like Turutai along the Prince Crown Range, and Mongai transport their goods by a 4 tonne truck called “KATAKANO” that is run by Roger Irisia one of the ex-combatants who returned from Japan and started rice farming in Kogoito and Kaitu.

The truck makes two trips to Buin Town every Saturday, since the number of waiting passengers is higher during on that day.
“The population is growing and the demand for going to town is growing but the supply of PMV services is low,” Mr Irisia said.

During week days KATAKANO transports cash crops like cocoa and copra and in Saturdays it provide the transport to the people going to Buin Market to sell and buy foods.

KATAKANO will continue to provide service to the people of the area in transporting their goods for earning income.

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