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Searching for Peace

By Ishmael Palipal

160 - Ishmael Palipal

Peace, Peace, Peace

If peace is on the worlds’ stock markets
I can rob all the money in the world just to buy more
If peace is gain through killing people
I would sign up to kill every human race on earth
If peace can be found by travelling the world
I would travel the world restlessly for more

If peace can be found in corruption
I would be the worst corrupter in the world
If peace can be found in the sun
I would travel to the sun
If peace is found in sexual immorality
I could be a sex machine

But if peace can be found in honesty
Can I be the honest person in the world?
If peace is found in respecting others
Can I be the respectful man on earth?
If peace is found in love
Can I be the one whose love covers the sea?

If peace is earn by giving
Can I give to those who are needy?
If peace is found in unity
Can I break up my boundaries to unite?
If peace is found in equality
Can I distribute things equally?

If peace is found in truth
Can I be an honest guy ever lived?
And if peace is found in God
Can I be one to be called his son
Or where can I find that thing called


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Deuro Never Lies

Leonard Fong Roka

154-deuro-palipal View from Deuro Mountain. Picture by Ishmael Palipal.

Standing on the Deuro Range gap in Buin, South Bougainville makes a Bougainvillean shed tears for the truth that his Bougainville is truly a Solomon Island. Looking towards the Tonolei Harbour our hearts ache for Bougainville crisis was there well before the Panguna mine.


Deuro never lies

So she is ravishing, steep and imposing

Sometimes foggy and chilling

To the weary rider

Of the Arawa-Buin road;

I see her from Laluai,

And she stares me still at the dusty Buin Town


Deuro never lies

She carefully caresses me with her ridge palm

As I scan her greenish virgin spine into the depths

Of the silent and snoring Tonolei Harbor

Where Solomon Sea sleeps for the Malaitan

Traders’ splashing Saturdays


Deuro never lies

She watches Choiseul and her children; Treasury and her sisters;

Shortland and her siblings, lip

And lip my Bougainville forever

As the Olava fisherman paddles crisscross

To Rove, Rove Kiki, Fauro, Asie, Ovau, Ballale, Illina, Oema to lunch

After a sweating day of fishing


Deuro never lies

She rains to flood Choiseul

Her winds sweep Shortlands and Treasury Islands anew

As I wonder and wonder why

I am locked on this side of my islands

By the alien laws


Deuro never lies!

154 - Deuro Gap



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601-shamefacedBy Jennifer Nkui

This poem was written in 2007 as a reflection on the traditional cultural values of society after the author went through one of life’s hardest experiences.

The embarrassment and pain cuts me size down every day
I’m scared to laugh or even have fun
I look people in the eye no more
The hurt is there and can never be erased

Gossips here, gossips there
People talk about me
And it sure hurts like hell
Coz my family has lost all hope in me

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