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BCL gives boost to Team Bougainville at PNG Games

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BCL has announced a donation of K40,000 to the Autonomous Bougainville Sports Foundation (ABSF) in support of Team Autonomous Bougainville for this year’s Sixth Papua New Guinea Games.

The money has been provided for uniforms, equipment and accommodation for Bougainvillean athletes and support staff who have travelled to Lae in the Morobe Province where the Games began this week.

The ABSF recognises that mass participation in sport is crucial to promoting unity and regional pride and it is using sport as a means of strengthening the peace-building process on Bougainville.

The PNG Games will run until 29 November and Bougainvillean athletes are competing across 18 sports including athletics, boxing, bodybuilding, darts, taekwondo, kickboxing, volleyball, basketball, netball, touch football, rugby, rugby union, soccer, power lifting, weight lifting, softball and karate.

The Games give the athletes a chance to demonstrate their abilities on a national stage as representatives from the 22 provinces of PNG come together.

The ABSF also believes the PNG Games provide participants with an important opportunity to interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

BCL wishes the best of luck to all Bougainvillean athletes competing in the Games.

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Bougainvillean students welcome blog editor to Madang


The editor of the Bougainville 24 (B24) blog visited Bougainvillean students before the end of semester at Divine Word University (DWU) in Madang, many of whom contribute to the project.

Editor Ben Jackson was warmly received by the 18 student writers who study at DWU, their first face-to-face meeting after nearly a year of email correspondence.

The Bougainville Students Association put on a fundraising barbeque on a typically beautiful Madang day.

The students expressed their gratitude for the B24 initiative, which gives the students the opportunity to write about local issues, culture, people, major events, projects and more.

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Education not taken for granted in South Nasioi

By Peter Junior Karatapi

303-south-nasioi-graduation Grade 10 South Nasioi students at Arawa Graduation Day 2012

As Bougainville prepares for a referendum on autonomy and independence between 2015 and 2020, it is already in the minds of every young Bougainvillean that they are future human resource of the region.

Students from every corner of the region are being educated it is no exception in South Nasioi Constituency of Kieta district, central Bougainville. Contemporary students are very keen on education,   well aware of its importance to their future.

In South Nasioi there are about six primary schools and they are Kurai, Doreinang, Navibi, Dokotonau, Marai and Darutue. Since they are in rural areas the schools each cater for only 80-120 students a year. The number of students in each school depends largely on the population of the community where the school is located; some schools have more than the others.

From these six primary schools the successful students go on to continue their education at high school level in schools likes Arawa Secondary, Mabiri and Asitavi.

South Nasioi students see themselves as the forgotten flock, because they do not receive much support from organisations, businesses or governments for their school fees. The only help that comes for a few students is from Bougainville Copper Foundation, but otherwise it is their own struggle.

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Radio transmission project nears completion

BCL websitesatellite-uplink-buka

A powerful satellite uplink has been installed in Buka, bringing Bougainville one step closer to greater radio access across the autonomous province.

The project, jointly funded by the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the Bougainville Copper Foundation, will for the first time bring an FM radio signal throughout Bougainville.

Currently FM broadcasts can be received only in Buka and at the very northern end of the Bougainville mainland.

Once the project is completed the vast majority of Bougainvilleans will have access to FM signal, though the mountainous topography may causes interference for some pockets of the region.

Station Manager of New Dawn FM, Aloysius Laukai, is excited about the potential to deliver information to people in remote areas of Bougainville.

“Technicians have just completed the satellite link in Buka and will move to Arawa and Buin for the connections to be made for these centres,” Mr Laukai said.

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Bougainville Copper Foundation has a heart for the ‘lost generation’

To upgrade a largely rural province to the status of an economically developed, self-sufficient economy requires the contribution of a great many people: men and women with training and experience in accounting, computer skills, industrial trades, teaching, business acumen and leadership.

Although a great number of Bougainvilleans have strong skills, many are dispersed across Papua New Guinea and elsewhere in the world.

Unfortunately, because of the years lost in the crisis, there is a considerable skills gap existing today, in the age groups who find themselves between the young students who again have places in school, and the older more experienced workers who are nearing retirement.

Some people refer to them as a “lost generation”, men and women dislodged from school by the crisis, missing out on primary or secondary education and now feeling too old to re-enter the school system, to catch up on the lost years of learning.

When the Panguna mine was first setting up around 1970, Bougainville was similarly lacking in developed job skills.

To remedy this situation, BCL developed PNG’s first large-scale training and job skilling program to fit the local population for employment at the mine and its associated industries.

The results were remarkable, as was the impact not only on Bougainville but also on the development of the emerging Papua New Guinea.

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