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Rara-Rarei Foundation improves literacy

By Ishmael Palipal


In 2012, the non-profit organization the Rara-Rarei Foundation (RRF) was launched in South Bougainville. Their main aim is to implement education based strategies to improve literacy level in the Siwai District and Bougainville as a whole.

367-rara-rarei-logoThe group is made up of young professionals from the Siwai area, including Richard Rowaro the cofounder of the group and it aims to spread to other parts of the region gradually.

RRF aims to decrease the level of young people turning to drugs, alcohol and criminal activities which minimizes their hope in progressing further in life and hinders community development as a whole.

RRF sees that education is the way forward to tackle these problems and due to the lack of infrastructure and opportunity in the education sector, young people are leading hopeless lives.

689-marau-market-crowdThe name Rara-Rarei means ‘Hope’ in the Motuna Korokoro language of Siwai. The RRF aims to provide avenue to which young people will cultivate hope for the future through education and also to bring the world within closer reach of every child in the primary schools of Siwai and Bougainville.

689-marau-marketIts School Resources Kit program targets primary school students aged 8-16 years in providing books, laptops and basic training for internet usage.

The formation of the Rara-Rarei Foundation was very timely and important to implement programs that will contribute towards rehabilitating, empowering and developing young people in the society.

With their programs, RRF seek to bring much encouragement for each child to discover their unique personalities and unleash their gifts and potential. Part of their mission is to produce knowledge and skill-driven human resources through education and empowerment, which is truly a great need in the region.

In 2014 the foundation had projects 5 schools in Siwai District during the month of July towards beginning of August, which included book donations and awareness. The schools visited were Siuru Primary, Monoitu Primar Iruh Primary, Tonu High School and Koruma Primary.

Rara-Rairei looks forward to a better Bougainville through improvement of educational facilities for students to be educated well.

More stories and updates on Rara-Rarei Foundation can be read on their Facebook Page.

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