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Bougainville 24 – Year in review

bcl-bougainville-24Ben Jackson

2015 was the biggest year for Bougainville 24 since it was launched in October 2013, in terms of number of published articles, readers and contributors.

308 articles were published in 2015 and a majority of these have been original work by Bougainvillean contributors.

Bougainville 24 is only possible because of the women and men who are keen to contribute to an ever growing body of work and talk about their own places, experiences and culture. A deserved thank you to Gideon Davika, Anastasia Hagai, Maryanne Hanette, Veronica Hannette, Liza Kabui, Pauline Karalus, Peter Karatapi Jnr., Eleanor Maineke, Zilpah Maurua, Jennifer Nkui, Benjamin Heriberth Noibio, Ishmael Palipal, Alice Peter, Timothy Poroda, Leonard Fong Roka, Ancitha Semoso, Tevu Tenasi and Winterford Toreas, who wrote articles in 2015; and to all the others who have contributed in previous years.

Bougainville 24 is also dependent on the continuing support from readers. This year the website received an unprecedented 72,000 views from over 24,000 people. By comparison, in 2014 Bougainville 24 had around 50,000 views from 10,000 individuals.

The most read story in 2015 was the terrible news from Leonard Fong Roka that his baby daughter had passed away in Buin, where the family had been living. The tragic news of this event resulted in an outpouring of grief from the extended Bougainville 24 community, with eleven messages of condolence posted to the site and another 300 via Facebook.

Roka, preeminent Bougainvillean writer and former Bougainville Copper Foundation scholarship recipient, also wrote the second most read story of the year – a piece on the downturn of gold panning in the Tumpusiong Valley and the effects has for Panguna.

2015 also saw the launch of the Bougainville 24 Facebook page, which has grown quickly to having 2,147 likes.

The top ten Facebook posts for 2015 were:

  1. Walking and living an empty life after burying my Dollorose – Leonard Fong Roka
  2. Buka Airport declared the worst in PNG – Anthony Kaybing
  3. Final year students present research on AROB – Ishmael Palipal
  4. New Marau market rivals Buin – Leonard Fong Roka
  5. John Roka’s final day – Leonard Fong Roka
  6. The day of bullets – Benjamin Heriberth Noibio
  7. Reconciliation & burial for Daddy John brings peace to Roka family – Leonard Fong Roka
  8. Eight major Arawa roads upgraded – Australian High Commission
  9. Konnou students prepare for awareness campaign – Benjamin Heriberth Noibio
  10. Dame Carol Kidu says Bougainville leads the way with historic election – Bougainville Copper Limited

Bougainville 24 will continue to deliver unique and original perspectives and stories from Bougainville in 2016.

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Bougainvillean students welcome blog editor to Madang


The editor of the Bougainville 24 (B24) blog visited Bougainvillean students before the end of semester at Divine Word University (DWU) in Madang, many of whom contribute to the project.

Editor Ben Jackson was warmly received by the 18 student writers who study at DWU, their first face-to-face meeting after nearly a year of email correspondence.

The Bougainville Students Association put on a fundraising barbeque on a typically beautiful Madang day.

The students expressed their gratitude for the B24 initiative, which gives the students the opportunity to write about local issues, culture, people, major events, projects and more.

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Students visit BCL office in POM

Three Bougainvillean university students have visited the Bougainville Copper Limited office in Port Moresby.

Two of the students, Benjamin Heriberth Noibio and Fabian Epota, came from the Pacific Adventist University that has a campus on the outskirts of the national capital.

They were joined by Leonard Fong Roka, who was in Port Moresby to receive his Crocodile Prize Award for Papua New Guinea’s Book of Year, Brokenville.

After spending two hours getting acquainted with Port Moresby’s traffic, the students and Bougainville 24 editor Ben Jackson arrived at the BCL Office, where they were greeted by staff and shown around.

“Your visit to PAU was an outstanding and very special day for me as a writer from Bougainville,” said Mr Noibio.

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JPNCC encourages ongoing discussions with landowners


Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) has told representatives of Panguna mine-affected landowners that it welcomes direct dialogue between parties as well as collective discussion.

The issue was raised at the Joint Panguna Negotiation Coordination Committee (JPNCC) meeting in Buka last Friday.

Some landowner representatives said they would like to have regular, informal contact with BCL to raise issues not covered by the JPNCC terms of reference.

The JPNCC is responsible for a range of activities including environmental, social and economic studies, as well as the customary bel kol reconciliation process.

The landowners sought the blessing of the JPNCC to proceed with informal talks about their own particular issues.

Other JPNCC members agreed that discussions between parties outside JPNCC meetings are an importance part of the process.

Shadrach Himata, PNG National Government representative on the committee, told the meeting that, though the JPNCC is where formal discussions take place, there is no problem with members holding informal talks and he encouraged these activities.

The next meeting of the JPNCC will be held in Port Moresby on Friday 3 October.

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BV24 contributor wins Crocodile Prize Book of the Year award


A frequent contributor to Bougainville Copper Limited’s (BCL) blog, Bougainville 24, has won the Ok Tedi Mining Award for Book of the Year in the Crocodile Prize, the national literary awards of Papua New Guinea.

Leonard Fong Roka won the award for Brokenville, a memoir of his experiences as a youth in Central Bougainville during the crisis years. The book tells the tale of a boy who is thrust into manhood by the escalating violence and chaos around him.

Bougainville 24 was launched in October 2013 and features articles about Bougainville, news on BCL activities and writing by Bougainvilleans.

“2014 is the happiest moment of my writing since more Bougainvilleans have come out, especially with the BCL backed Bougainville 24,” Leonard Roka said on Twitter.

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Why we have started this blog

There’s a long way to go yet – a lot of discussion, decision-making, planning and activity – but BCL is excited about re-establishing the Panguna copper and gold mine in Bougainville.

For some time, the company has been consulting with the Autonomous Bougainville Government, landowners, the Bougainville people and with the government of Papua New Guinea, which is a part owner of BCL.

From these discussions, we know there is a need to provide news and information about what we are doing now and what we want to do in the future.

There is also need for a lot more information about Bougainville to be made available within PNG and internationally.

We hope this blog will go some way towards providing this information.

Bougainville 24 is published and edited by BCL but you will find that it is not only, or even mainly, about the company.

It is about Bougainville, which gave birth to BCL, and about people, issues and events in this unique and beautiful island.

We welcome contributions, comments and questions about BCL, about what we’re doing and about Bougainville.

Bougainville 24 will not avoid the hard issues and not fudge history. It will reflect on the sad outcomes of the first mining experience which ended in 1989 and also discuss what BCL is doing this time that is so different.

Each day, we’ll post new information – so make a visit to this site a regular part of your day to keep in touch with BCL, with Bougainville and with our important relationships.

The blog is edited by Ben Jackson on behalf of Bougainville Copper Limited.

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