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Why we have started this blog

There’s a long way to go yet – a lot of discussion, decision-making, planning and activity – but BCL is excited about re-establishing the Panguna copper and gold mine in Bougainville.

For some time, the company has been consulting with the Autonomous Bougainville Government, landowners, the Bougainville people and with the government of Papua New Guinea, which is a part owner of BCL.

From these discussions, we know there is a need to provide news and information about what we are doing now and what we want to do in the future.

There is also need for a lot more information about Bougainville to be made available within PNG and internationally.

We hope this blog will go some way towards providing this information.

Bougainville 24 is published and edited by BCL but you will find that it is not only, or even mainly, about the company.

It is about Bougainville, which gave birth to BCL, and about people, issues and events in this unique and beautiful island.

We welcome contributions, comments and questions about BCL, about what we’re doing and about Bougainville.

Bougainville 24 will not avoid the hard issues and not fudge history. It will reflect on the sad outcomes of the first mining experience which ended in 1989 and also discuss what BCL is doing this time that is so different.

Each day, we’ll post new information – so make a visit to this site a regular part of your day to keep in touch with BCL, with Bougainville and with our important relationships.

The blog is edited by Ben Jackson on behalf of Bougainville Copper Limited.

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