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Kieta students celebrate National Book Week

By Tevu Tenasi


National book week is a special event in Bougainville schools and throughout Papua New Guinea as a whole.

Each year has a different theme that looks into the significance of the books and reading and students are encouraged to put up displays on the importance of this event.

The theme for the 2016 National Book Week is an acronym of READ:
Advance; and

This laid down a challenge to many schools in Bougainville. Kurai Primary School in Kieta District is one of the schools that was opened just after the crisis and students are being encouraged in the love and joy of reading by their teachers.

“Reading has been the main ingredient behind many well educated and successful people today,”  said one teacher from the school.


15-year-old Deloudge Willis, who’s in grade 7, expressed her gratitude in line with the theme.

“Reading makes a big difference to my learning capacity,” she said.

She also mentioned that, for a better future, students should engage in lots of reading.


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