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Elutupan Primary upgrades saksak classrooms

By Maryanne Hanette


Classrooms at Elutupan Primary School have undergone an upgrade to replace the saksak roofs that had been used for over two decades.

Elutupan is the first village encountered when travelling along the Buka ring-road from Buka town to Haku Constituency.

Elutupan Primary School was known as Elutupan Community School until the early 1990s, when it was relocated from Hatapa to its present location, some kilometres away from the main road.

Since the school did not have enough classrooms to cater for the increasing population the parents built saksak houses to be used as classrooms for the lower primary school, in which the roof is made from woven sago palm leaves.

When came to the rainy season they had no choice but sit inside their classrooms where  they had to step on the wet muddy floor when moving around.

Despite the fact that the lack of proper school buildings the school has a reputation as producer of good students and typically has a good number of students passing out from the primary school.

The school has improved a lot in terms of building new staff housing, and proper classrooms for the students to use.

A double classroom (pictured) was built in early 2016 and the community has acknowledged the hard work of the school’s Board of Management, including the Head of the School.

This is one of the greatest developments the school has seen and it is now the responsibility of the community of Elutupan to appreciate this and look after the school property for the current and future generations.

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  1. Dan Doyle
    2016/08/30 at 17:22

    Great to see the development at Eltupan. I knew the only classrooms when I taught at Lemanmanu in 1967. I am not surprised that the Eltupan students do well – the Hakus are bright people.


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