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UNDP report highlights resource industry importance

By Veronica Hannette

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched the Papua New Guinea National Human Development Report 2014 in December last year at a conference held in Buka, Bougainville.

This is the second such report published, with the first edition published in 1998.

The National Human Development report contains research in to Papua New Guinea and the Pacific and how to address problems in government and private sectors including issues affecting rural areas.

UNDP Resident Representative, Hemansu Roy Trivedy, stated that PNG has potential strengths to boost its economy, especially with consecutive economic growths.

“This National Human Development Report seeks to focus on key choices and decisions that leaders need to make in the short and medium term to ensure that human development outcomes are maximised,” Mr Trivedy said.

“All Papua New Guineans, its leaders from the public and private sector as much as ‘ordinary citizens’, need to assume greater responsibilities to make the wealth of the country work more effectively by ensuring that revenues from resource extraction are used wisely to improve the quality of lives of all Papua New Guinea citizens now and for the future.”

Large scale mining and oil production has contributed to over K150 billion to Papua New Guinea’s economy.

The 2014 report highlights policy options that government leaders could consider to help improve the impact of extractive industry at national, provincial and local level governments, including in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

The report focuses on four key areas of development, including the need for better public expenditure analysis and encouraging wider public discussion and understanding on policy choices such as on the establishment of a sovereign wealth fund

Also discussed is the need for a clearer regional provincial development strategy, broaden the tax base and improved revenue collection and investment in jobs , training, skills development, research and development.

Improvements to these areas are needed to progress of developments in all levels of government.

Mr Trivedy stated that the UNDP will work closely with the government, the citizens of Papua New Guinea and all developments partners to contribute to the country.

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